1. I’m a Pescitarian since 2,5 years now (no meat but fish).
  2. I’ve Croatian roots.
  3. My hair is naturally middle brown, but I’m dying it blond for almost ten years – at the moment I’m in love with silver grey but it’s quite a struggle, because it washes out right away.  I’m thinking of going one shade darker in grey to keep it.
  4. I love quotes and would probably find a good one for each situation ?
  5. I’ve got two older sisters who I’m very close to ❤️
  6. I’ve a personal connection with every piece in my wardrobe, and I guess that’s the reason why it always takes me a bit till I can donate my clothes. I exactly remember why, where and when I bought something and how I felt finding and wearing it…..sounds strange? i know ?
  7. I’ve a bachelor’s degree in Information, Media & Communication
  8. I’m very interested in female entrepreneurship and personal development.
  9. I could eat avocado maki everyday
  10. I decided to read one book per week – one of the best habits I created for myself ?


Hope you enjoyed this post. I recently got asked if I could talk/ write more about personal stuff.  Of course I’d love to – Let me know what you’re interested in by leaving a comment below.

xx, B.

Picture taken by Christine Qiu – Check her Instagram @qiurii

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