A special kind of Storytelling w/ zapptales

Wenn du verrückte FreundInnen hast, dann hast du alles was du brauchst. Hiermit ein kleines Shoutout an die Familie und die besten FreundInnen, weil viele Dinge ohne ihre Unterstützung nur halb so schnell, halb so herzlich und auf jeden Fall nur halb so lustig wären. Die Personen, die jeden Tag für mich da sind, sind … Continue Reading

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me ?

I’m a Pescitarian since 2,5 years now (no meat but fish). I’ve Croatian roots. My hair is naturally middle brown, but I’m dying it blond for almost ten years – at the moment I’m in love with silver grey but it’s quite a struggle, because it washes out right away.  I’m thinking of going one … Continue Reading

17 Things I want to do in 2k17

I thought about sharing some New Year’s plans with you as January is almost over and we all know that time is flying it seemed a good idea to me to create a list of things about what I would love to do this year – and the cool thing is that I can check … Continue Reading