I thought about sharing some New Year’s plans with you as January is almost over and we all know that time is flying it seemed a good idea to me to create a list of things about what I would love to do this year – and the cool thing is that I can check it before new year’s eve and see what actually happened and how many unexpected things came up. It wouldn’t  surprise me if there were a lot of them to be honest, because I didn’t expect even half of the things that happened in 2016 which I have to say was a great year for me!

So here’s my list (there’s no ranking) :

  1. Disneyland – I’ve never been there and really need to meet Winnie Puh this year ?
  2. Milano – it’s so close to Vienna, but I still couldn’t make it yet
  3. New York!
  4. Workout at least 3 times a week
  5. Learn some coding @Lemmings
  6. Go Diving
  7. Work a few months abroad – maybe L.A. again
  8. Fashion week – Vienna for sure, maybe also a show in another city!
  9. Start sewing again – this is really something that i missed so much the last years!
  10. Improve my surfing skills – maybe Bali again ❤️
  11. Write more – blog posts and privately
  12. Be more confident!
  13. Coachella Festival ?
  14. Skydiving
  15. Organize a big Birthday Party ’cause I’m turning 25 ?
  16. Eat healthy
  17. And the most important thing: Be happy!

What are your plans for 2017, I’d be super excited to hear about them? ?

This picture was a good snapshot from my sister ? I really had to have this sweater ❤️ – what do you think?


Sweater: H&M

Leggings : Zara

Boots : Baldinini

Bag : Vintage, bought in Munich

Love, B.

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Hello Barbara,
interesting list!
17 is my favourite and the most important 🙂
And you will like Milano, it’s an interesting city with the fascinating duomo, pretty parks, cool atmosphere at the rivers of the Navigli and so many shops!
You can see some of my tipps and impressions at http://www.markusjerko.at/photos/mailand/
Ciao Markus


Hi Markus, great to have you here!
I just checked out your page, thanks 🙂
have a good night, b.


Liebe den Sweater! ❤️


Das freut mich! ?

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